A Mexican man’s bizarre search for a diamond he wants to sell in the United States

DANTEL MODELERI, Mexico — A Mexican man with no formal education is on a quest to buy a diamond worth millions.

The 19-year-old student has spent weeks searching for a gem he wants in the U.S.

But he’s struggling with the laws of the land.

Dantel Modeleri has spent the past few months looking for a ring he wants.

“I have no education, I’m not fluent in English, and I don’t know how to read,” he told the National Radio.

His mother says he needs a college degree to be able to sell his dream ring.

“I can’t be with my children in this country because of the criminal situation,” she said.

Dante Mendoza has been searching for the diamond since August, when he was detained for illegally crossing the border and tried to enter the United State without authorization.

After months of waiting for his release, he finally made contact with his mother on July 29.

He has been trying to get his ring in the US since March, when an employee at the border office called him and said the company could not get any work done.

“They told me that if I came here illegally they would not accept my ring and I would be sent back,” said the man.

Mendoza had been waiting months for his first call back.

He says he has been waiting since February to see if his ring would get to the US.

The man has been a frequent visitor to the border in hopes of finding the diamond.

A smuggler who goes by the name of “Rico” told me he would gladly take any diamond he saw.

But when he went to the U-Haul truck in Mexico City on August 17, he was arrested.

He spent the next week in jail and spent several nights in solitary confinement.

I asked him what he was doing in prison.

He told me to go to the United Nations and see how they treat the refugees,” Mendoada told me.

Despite the lack of education, the man is determined to get the diamond he believes he wants and is willing to risk his life to get it.

Dante says he is a good student.”

You know, I went to school here, and now I want to go and see my school, my classmates, and my schoolmates,” he said.

Even though he is in jail, he says he can’t help but look for his ring.

He is now looking for ways to sell it, but he needs help from a U.N. agency to do so.”

The people here are very angry, they want the ring.

I think I have a chance, but it’s very difficult for them,” he added.