Biden: Obama ‘still not a Democrat’

Biden: “He’s still not a Democratic presidential candidate.

He’s not a Republican presidential candidate.”

The president has been criticized by Democrats who say his support of a so-called Dream Act would make it more difficult for them to win in 2020.

He is also the subject of a Congressional investigation into his administration’s handling of the Zika virus and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

“We are not going to have an African American president, we are not, in fact, going to,” Biden said in a CNN interview.

“We’re going to continue to be a diverse country, we’re going, and we are going to win elections.”

Biden also said Democrats should look at what happened in 2016, when former President Joe Biden lost the popular vote to President-elect Donald Trump.

“In 2016, we were able to win the election, but we lost the Senate and lost the House,” he said.

“So the question is not how did we do that, but how did I do that.”

Bidens speech at the DNC came days after he told the crowd he’s “not the President” in a tweet about former President Barack Obama.

Biden, who is not running for reelection, was booed during his remarks.

He then added, “I’ve got to give you a hint.

I’m not going anywhere.”

The crowd at the Democratic National Convention erupted in applause when Biden said, “President-elect Trump will not be President of the United States.”

“The only thing that has to change is our system,” Biden continued.

“The only way we’re gonna win is to change the way we elect the President.

And that’s what we’re doing right now.”