Dantel B12-51 dress is ‘beautiful’

B12: The newest line from Dantels brand.

Dantel:A collection of lingerie that looks as though it’s from the future.

Its all about quality, says the company’s founder Dantela.

Dantells clothing is made from eco-friendly materials and with eco-conscious design.

It’s also made from recycled fabrics.

Dantsel is the brand’s latest addition to the B12 line.

It is a trend-setter and is now a regular staple of the lingerie world.

“Its a brand that embodies the spirit of the B18 line and this is a perfect fit for our lifestyle,” Dantelo says.

Dante’s B12 range of lingeries includes a number of classic silhouettes such as B12, Dantelettes, and a B12 plus, which is available in both black and red.

A new trend in B12 lingeries is the B10, which has been available in black, blue, and green.DANTEL’S LATEST FASHIONED LANGUAGE: “B12″The latest trend in lingerie?

Dantela says the B-12 range is about being more environmentally-friendly.

“Dantels range is made with the highest sustainability values, with all of our materials sourced from recycled and compostable materials.

Our brands are made from natural, organic, and locally sourced materials,” she says.”

We do not use artificial colours and patterns.

We are also committed to a low-pink trend.

In addition, we do not produce any artificial fragrances and we use organic cotton to make our lingeries,” Dantsel says.

For the last year or so, the brand has been focusing on creating a more feminine aesthetic, with an emphasis on colour, and creating more wearable pieces with eco and sustainable designs.

“Our lingerie has been designed with the intention of being more feminine.

It can be a lot of fun to wear a Dantelin and its not just about the colour but about the style.

Its also about the comfort.

We have been making lingeries with a silhouette and silhouette is what really appeals to us.

A silhouette is about a feel and a feel is about feeling comfortable,” she adds.

Dantisel has also recently introduced a range of dantels bras and briefs, which feature a unique design with a black or blue colour scheme.

Dantsels bras are made with eco friendly materials and are made to fit a range from small to large.

The company’s new range of bra is inspired by the iconic Dantelle underwear.

Dantesel is now also releasing a range with the slogan “B 12-50” for the lingeries.

The lingerie is available now in black and blue and pink.

“The B12 bras have a retro vibe.

They’re not a traditional style, but we are really into retro trends,” says Dantesl.

“Its really a new trend that has come up in our industry, and the B 12-51 bra is one of the best-selling lingerie bras in the world,” she explains.

Dantesel’s new line is a bold step in the lingeric brand’s evolution.

Dante’s has become a staple in the industry, but the brand is also known for its eco-oriented and eco-minded design.

“The B 12 bras are a true reflection of the brand, but also of our dedication to sustainability,” Dantesl says.

The brand is planning to expand into more international markets in the near future.