Dantel Dress 2019 to be sold on eBay Australia

The dress is one of the brand’s best-selling collections and was sold at an auction in August for $1.3 million.

The dress is a classic silhouette of Dantels iconic dress with a long neckline and a high neckline that flows in the front.

The design of the dress is unique and it has been used on the cover of Dansko, a Finnish magazine, for several years.

The auction for the dress started in August and sold out in just over a month.

The Dantelo brand is known for its low-key, casual designs.

Dantel is owned by the Dantele brand group and is known mainly for its swimwear, sports wear and clothing.

Dantsko has published the images of the DANTEL dress on its Facebook page, with the tag “Dantelo 2018” which means it is likely to be the last.

In 2016, the brand was ranked fourth in the World Retailer’s Most Influential Brands list, according to the online publication Bidding Dreams.