Dantel dresses with heart, heart shape, body inspired by her son, who died from Ebola

An online lingerie company that specializes in dress designs inspired by Dantela Oliente says her son died from the virus.

The company’s Facebook page says Dantella Olientes “loved wearing dresses and heels that reflected her character.”

“She loved her husband and her kids, her dogs, her husband’s music, her kids’ music and her work,” the page says.

Dantela was diagnosed with Ebola on Sept. 23, and died Sept. 28.

“I just wanted to create a fashion line that represented Dantell’s character, but also that was a reflection of her life,” the designer said in a statement to CBC News.

On social media, fans are sharing designs for dresses inspired by the fashion icon, with many suggesting Danteli dresses are cute and sparkly and not too revealing.

But a few of Dantels son’s photos have been circulating online, with some claiming she is in the hospital in the U.S. recovering from the disease and that the photos are not her own.

“She was just so vulnerable and just so kind, she had a very loving heart and I think it’s beautiful that she was able to be so resilient and do what she wanted to do,” said Lina Baca, who is an avid Instagram user who shares Olient’s photos.

“It was very sad that her family had to deal with what was a very, very tragic situation.”

Lina Bacos mother says DANTEL was a ‘tearjerker’ as she struggled with Ebola but died Sept 27. 1:37