Dantel guitars: a story of love, war and death

On April 24, 2005, two men in Spain’s Basque Country were on the edge of a knife fight with a group of armed men, when a member of their own band got caught in the crossfire.

In a dramatic, five-minute video, the band members are heard pleading for their lives.

It’s the first known footage of Dantels guitar player, Dantelo Modelleri, and the first of a series of video recordings he made of his life that day.

In this episode of the podcast, we look at Modelleris family, the war he faced, and his lifelong dream to one day play in the band.

Dantela Modelleria’s family is the subject of the next episode of “Dantel” , a new podcast from National Geographic.

In the first episode of DANTEL , we spoke with Modellerisi’s father, the legendary guitarist Juan Manuel, about his son’s tragic life.

Modeller’s mother, Carmen, was a dancer, but he always insisted that her work and music was his.

She became a choreographer, and then a photographer.

Modellis younger brother, Francisco, grew up in a small town in northern Spain, a quiet family in a family that wasn’t religious or superstitious.

He played bass and sang in a choir and sang songs at concerts.

He was known to be very talented.

The Modellises and Modelles older brother, Pedro, played the piano and sang and played drums.

They would all go to a local concert every day to hear music, and Pedro would play a song that he wrote about his family.

Pedro’s son, Francisco Jr., is an engineer and musician who also plays guitar and drums.

In 2005, Francisco was in his early 20s, living in Spain with his girlfriend, Anna Maria de Jesus, and their two children, Manuel and Dantelia.

His older brother was in the army.

Francisco Jr. told us, “The last thing I ever wanted to do was to go and die in the line of duty.”

His father said, “I’m proud of him, because he always wanted to be a soldier.”

Francisco Jr.’s mother, Maria, who was born in the same town, told us that when he was in Spain, she was always playing the piano in the church choir.

Francisco Sr. was in a group that sang songs.

She sang for him, but they would always ask her to sing for them, too.

When Francisco Sr., Francisco Jr..

and Pedro Jr. were in Spain together, they played in a band called Danteli.

Francisco was a member and Pedro was a lead singer.

When Pedro Jr., Francisco Sr..

and Francisco Jr Jr. came to Spain in 2003, they were looking for a place to play.

Francisco told us of how, as a kid, he played drums in his band, and he wanted to follow his dreams to play in bands.

The music they played was really dark and melancholy.

It was a very dark place to be in.

In 2003, Francisco’s father died, and Francisco Sr.’s parents had left Spain for California.

He told us: “My son is the one that made me realize that my son’s passion for music and his love for music are the things that define him.”

Francisco Sr and Maria moved to California in 2004 and decided to start a new band.

They started a website called dantellmusic.com, which is an online music service where people can record songs and share them online.

Francisco called it his “music factory,” and it was like a music factory that would give him a whole bunch of instruments to play around with.

The first song they recorded was called “The One,” and they put it on YouTube, and people loved it.

“The one” is about a man who finds a lost soul, and finds his way back home to his own world.

They released a second song, “Rise and Fall,” in 2005.

Francisco’s mother said, “[The band] helped me to understand my son and his music.

When we recorded that song, we didn’t think that we would play it live.

We were a young band that had a lot of time to think about things.

But I was just so proud of my son.

He is the reason why I am alive today.”

After a year of recording, they recorded their third song, called “Lives Lost,” on the website danteltolife.com.

It is a song about Francisco Sr.: “My soul is not strong enough to carry my body.

I don’t want to lose my heart.”

And it is a message about how Francisco Sr’s soul will carry his family: “If I don