Dantel is to join Tricotates bid to play in UEFA Champions League

Sport EN source EN title DANTEL to join UEFA Champions league bid article DANTEEL (ENGLAND) – Dantels new owners Tricotte will be joining a UEFA Champions Leagues bid to be played in the European Champions League next season.

A statement from the company, which is owned by the same owner of the Dantela FC club, confirms the news and says it will be held on Tuesday (June 19) at the headquarters of the company in the southern French city of Paris.

Dantel will play in the Europa League in 2018 and 2019 and the European Under-21 League in 2020.

It will also play in a third UEFA Super League in 2021, which will be played under the supervision of UEFA.

The company will pay €15 million to join the UEFA Champions leagues bid.

It has signed a deal with UEFA and the governing body for that and also for the participation of its parent company, the Dontel group.

A spokeswoman for Tricote said: “The new owners of Dantell are pleased to be part of this bid and the decision was taken by the board of directors.

The group has made the decision to move forward with this important process and we are confident of a successful bid for the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Leagues.”

The Europa League is one of the most exciting leagues in Europe and we will be working closely with UEFA to secure the best possible conditions for the group.

We look forward to the opportunity to be playing in the UEFA UEFA Champions tournament and the upcoming UEFA Super Champions League.

“In addition to the Europa Leagues, the company will play a role in the next two European Super Leages and will have a direct relationship with the governing bodies for those competitions.