“Dantel” model in a wedding dress in Austria has no idea she has HIV

DANTEL, Austria — A model in her 30s who has been wearing the dress for years in a small village in Austria says she has no clue she has AIDS and has not been tested for the virus.

Dantela van Zanden has lived in the small town of Dantel since she was 14.

Her mother, who also works in the textile industry, has never been tested.DANTEL has been living in the country for years.

The Dutch-born model, who is HIV-positive, had no idea the dress would be part of her family’s wedding.

She has a very simple and clean wedding dress.

She has a lot of love for the Netherlands, she said.

We have a Dutch grandmother and she is very much proud of us.

It’s an experience that I can’t get out of my mind.

The bride is wearing a dress made of blue tulle, which she had made in Italy.

It was the only blue dress she had ever made, and it was the last dress she made in the Netherlands.

It had the same design as her mother’s, but it was made in Belgium.

This dress, she says, she is proud of.

She told me I could have worn the blue tulple if I wanted.

I had made this dress to make her happy.DANTSEN, Austria — Dantela is dressed like a Dutch bride.

She is wearing an ivory blue gown, which was made for her by her mother, which is the only dress she has ever made in her life.

She loves the Netherlands and is a very happy person.

She does not know she has it.

She knows that her mom makes the dress, but she has not tested for it.

I think she is lucky, because I am not sure how she would have gotten tested.

The dresses she wears are all handmade, and I have seen her make her own.

I love that.

But she also said that she knows it’s not a good idea to wear it for public gatherings because the virus can be transmitted by the dress.

She also said she doesn’t know if she has been tested in the last two months, but that her health is not too good.

Her family has no one who has tested positive.

Her health is OK, she added.

She hopes her health improves.