Dantel Modelleri: ‘I didn’t feel bad for the people that I shot’

DANTEL MODELLERI, the husband of the actress Dantels son, says he was a “mistake” when he fired a shot that wounded his wife’s son.

Amber Modeller, the actress who plays the character’s sister, said he was trying to calm her son, who has autism.

“He had been very agitated and screaming and shouting, and when I pulled my gun out, I did it to calm him down,” Amber Modeller said at the time.

“It was my choice to do that, to protect my child, and I didn’t take it out of context.

I didn�t realize that it was a loaded gun.”

Modeller said he did not feel sorry for the man who fired his weapon and said the family should have known better.

“I was a negligent father and I feel terrible for the family that lost a child,” Modeller told Fox News on Sunday.

“But I don’t feel like I did anything wrong.

It was my own mistake.”

Modell said he believed the shooting was justified and that the boy had been in his home for about 20 minutes before his mother was shot.

He also said he believes he was justified in shooting the man after she began to threaten to shoot him.

Modeller told the New York Post he has had no contact with his son since the shooting.

“I don’t know where he is,” he said.

“My understanding is that he�s in a private school.”

He said he would consider getting a restraining order against the man and would seek an emergency psychiatric evaluation to determine if he should be placed on a special education teacher’s list.