Dantel Satmak: No need for change, NFL is all right

By KATY CRAWFORD-USA TODAY SportsThe New York Giants are on the verge of a massive, historic season that could set them apart from their NFC West rivals.

The team that started as a one-time laughingstock is in serious contention for the first Super Bowl in franchise history, and it’s been an incredible journey for coach Ben McAdoo and his players.

The Giants have a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator and a new defensive coordinator who all came together with no previous experience in the league.

McAdooman, who has worked with quarterback Eli Manning for the past two seasons, said the Giants will be ready for anything.

“This team is going to be one of the most dominant teams in the NFL.

We’re going to have a ton of talent,” McAdoos head coachsaid.

“The question is, do we have the right pieces to make it happen?

We have a lot of talent, but we have to get our pieces together and put them all together.”

The Giants started out the season 2-3, but have climbed to the top of the NFC West after going 1-10 last year.

The team has won three of four against NFC West teams, and has a chance to win its third division title.

McAdoo is confident the team can do it again.

The New England Patriots were the NFC East favorites heading into the season, but the team has struggled since.

They have lost seven of their past eight games.

The Patriots won their final three games of the season before a 1-3 start and lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the wild card round.

The Washington Redskins were a Super Bowl contender before losing two in a row and will try to keep the season alive after a rough start.

The Redskins are the No. 3 seed in the NFC and could win the NFC title.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a wild card team, and the team’s season started out so good.

They had the best record in the AFC, winning 10 of their first 12 games.

The last time the Steelers beat a division rival was in 2007.

McAdam said he wants to win the division, but doesn’t want to lose to the Patriots.

The Steelers are one of five teams to have won 10 consecutive games against the Patriots, the others being the Cincinnati Bengals (twice), Baltimore Ravens (twices) and the New York Jets (twits).

McAdo said he has never had a team lose nine consecutive games in the playoffs before.

“We’ve got a chance,” McAdam said.

“We’ve had great years, and I know our team has great potential, and we’re going play hard and we’ve got great chemistry, and if we can do that, we’ll be all right.”

McAdoomam said he hopes to get a lot more from the young players on the roster.

“You’ve got to win your division.

I’m looking forward to the challenge, the opportunity to win and be the champion,” McAllom said.