Dantel’s dresses to hit the shelves in Australia next month

Dantels new dresses are set to hit store shelves in the next few weeks.

The Australian fashion giant is set to unveil the latest in a long line of dantels latest and greatest in a range of colours.

Dantel has confirmed to The Age that its upcoming collections will include two designs, the ‘Frozen’ look and the ‘Grizzly Girl’ look.

The Frozen look will feature an ‘Amber’ colour palette, while the ‘Snowflake’ look will have a ‘Cream’ palette.

Both looks will be available in four different colours, including ‘Snow’, ‘Dawn’ and ‘Sunshine’.

The dress also features a ‘Vibrant’ finish, which will be used on the bodice, sleeves and waistbands.

Dancewear retailer Forever 21 has also confirmed that it will be bringing the dantell dainty dresses to the Australian market.

A spokesperson said that the dandies upcoming season will be a ‘complete overhaul’ to the original look, which has seen the company change the colour palette to a warmer ‘Summer’ palette, with new details and more colourful fabrics.

“It’s a bold, bold, fun, playful look,” said Forever 21 Australia director of sales and marketing David McVie.

“The Frozen dantelle dress will be the most beautiful and playful look you can imagine.

It’ll be an all-time favourite for Dantell fans.”

Dantels dainties range has always been a hit in Australia and has always remained one of the most popular of dandys.

The company has sold around 100 million dantells dresses worldwide, according to the company’s website.

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