How to be a smart-casual businesswoman in the era of Trump

The new president is already trying to push back against critics, but many businesswomen are taking to social media to voice their concerns.

Here are some of the most common complaints.


You’re being pushed into selling your product or service.

Trump is already pushing back on companies that don’t have enough workers.

He’s also targeting companies that have taken advantage of their workers, such as Uber and Amazon, which are facing a backlash.

He is also targeting the more traditional companies like Wal-Mart, which have had a difficult year, and Target, which is struggling to make ends meet.


Your job is at risk.

A recent CNN Money article detailed how some businesses are worried about losing their jobs if the president’s administration continues to roll back regulations.

The same article also highlighted how some companies are worried they will lose business because of the president and his policies.

The Trump administration has also announced it will cut federal jobs, cutting about 3.5 million jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.


Your salary will go down.

The president has threatened to cut your salary and make you compete for lower-paying jobs.

This could lead to job losses for many, including workers with a high-paying job.

Some businesses have warned that they may not be able to compete with the U,S.



Your taxes are going up.

Some companies are concerned that they’ll have to pay more taxes if the tax rate on income increases.

Trump has promised to lower the federal tax rate to 15 percent, but his administration has been vague about how he plans to do this.


Your company could go out of business.

Some of the biggest companies have already announced plans to leave the U., citing the administration’s policies.

Walmart, for example, announced it is moving its headquarters to Mexico.

But many others are concerned about losing revenue and may be forced to close stores or shift their business to other countries.


You’ll lose your job.

The American Association of Retired Persons estimates that over 10 million workers will lose their jobs under the Trump administration.


You won’t be able a good job.

If you’re a woman, you’ll be less likely to get a good-paying or high-skilled job.

Many women have been pushed out of positions they feel were too low pay or pay less than men for similar jobs.

Women in their early 20s, for instance, may be discouraged from getting a good paying job because they don’t want to risk losing their education, which could mean losing their future job.


Your insurance plan will be cut.

Some employers are considering leaving the market because of changes to their health care plans.

Others are threatening to cut their coverage.


Your business is threatened.

Many businesses are afraid they’ll be left out of the Trump tax plan.


You’ve lost your job, your family is affected, and you have to look for a new job.

You might not even be able get a new position if you lose your jobs.

Many of the workers are now wondering how to rebuild their lives and what the future holds.