How to Make Dantel Jackson Dama’s Dantela Joke

Dantelle Jackson, a comedian who has appeared on shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and Saturday Night Live, shared her secret joke to make her laugh.

She shared her favorite Dantels Joke, “The first time I got my dick sucked off by a Dantella jackson.”

She also shared her top 5 Dantells Joke picks, which included the following: 1.

“The dick-and-sucking thing” 2.

“He’s so fucking hot.

I’ll give you that” 3.

“I’m in love with the guy who likes to suck my dick.”


“Why are you wearing this fucking wig?

I could wear this fucking turtleneck.”


“Who’s the one who got their dick sucked by a jackson?”