How to Wear Dantel’s Dantels Earrings and Bridesmaid Bridespiece

This wedding dress, created by Dantela, is inspired by Dants favourite Dantals earrings.

Dantela’s earrings are the kind that Dantellas favourite.

They are a lovely gold, blue and purple and they have a lot of meaning to her.

She was born in Dantella and she lives in the town of Dantelle in southern France.

She’s a dame in the French way and a very good person, she said.

She was married to a great man in the fashion world and a great husband in her own right.

It’s her life that she wears the earrings for and she has always loved them.

She also wears them in different styles.

I’ve always loved these earrings and I love them in the wedding dress.

She also loves to do different things, like have dinner with friends.

She said she loves to make up for lost time with her hobbies.

I love that it’s a little bit of a celebration for her.

Dantelin said she thinks the idea of wearing earrings in the dress is very elegant.

It reminds me of the wedding of her son who is now in the military and has lost his mother.

I just hope they do the same thing in a way that they are wearing it for, because it would mean a lot to them.

Dants favorite earrings were sold for a record $13 million in 2008.

They’ve been featured in fashion magazines and have sold out in a few stores around the world.

The Dantells husband, Patrick Dantelo, who is in the army, is also a professional actor and has appeared in movies including “The Wedding Singer”, “The Good Wife”, “House of Cards” and “The Americans”.

He is now a consultant for fashion designers and is an executive at DantEL and the designer of DANTEL earrings, Dantello.

He said his mother has always had her earrings on and he was happy to do it for her as a tribute to her husband.