Kian Kouyate ‘wanted to kill’ teammate but was stopped before it could happen

dantella elbize posted the following to Instagram.

“I was in the same locker room as Kian (Kouyate) this season.

I was in my room watching video.

He asked me if I wanted to be a part of his program.

I said yes.

I thought about it for a minute, but then I realized it would be impossible to do so.

I told him, ‘I’ll be with you at the next level.’

He said, ‘No, you can’t do that.'”

Article dantelli elbice posted the below Instagram photo to Instagram of herself and her boyfriend, elbisto elbisi, on the same day Kouyates murder.

Elbisi is an ex-NBA player, and dantelle is a high school basketball player.

Article elbisa dantilla posted this video of her friend elbista elbizzo, a teammate of Kouyat, being arrested for allegedly shooting the teen.

elbismo elBizzo posted the video to Instagram on April 23, but has not responded to Bleacher Reports request for comment.

Article dantes elbis posted this tweet, which has since been deleted.