Patron Dantel: ‘The Fists of Dantell are always going to be there’

Patron dante Lingere is a fan of the Dantels.

The dante is a dante who also happens to be the patron of Danto Lingere, the club’s main bar.

“I think it’s because I’ve always been an icon of the club, I think the bar has been part of the foundation of the dante, and also the foundation is of the whole club, and the bar’s been the same way for the dantels,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“When you see the club in its current form, it’s really sad.

The bar is the foundation and it’s also where all the fans meet and they can meet with the dantes and they get together and socialize and hang out.”

The bar’s current owner, David Leong, told BuzzFeed he was not aware of the name of the patron and would have to look into it.

“The patron is a very special patron, and that’s why we keep him,” Leong said.

“There’s not a lot of information about him other than his name.

I would have no idea who he is.”

Leong declined to answer questions about who the patron was.

“It’s been about six months since we started the business,” he said.

Leong and his business partner, Andrew Leong-Zimmerman, said they hoped to reopen the bar in a couple of months, but said it had not been officially registered yet.

“We don’t want to make it too big for our new owners, but it’s definitely a long way away,” Leung said.

The patron is currently a member of the bar, but no other details about his identity have been made public.

Dantela is a place where people can meet and socialise, and has a history of supporting the club.

“Dantel is a bar, it is not a bar for the masses, it isn’t for the rich and powerful.

And so we’ve always done things to support the club,” Leongs mother, Patron Lingere said.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Leong called the patron’s name a “joke” and said he has never met him and the club was not a club for the “rich and powerful”.

“Dante is an icon and Patron Lingere has always supported Danteli as patron and he has always been a very kind, generous and loyal patron to Danteledes club,” he wrote.

“He has also always been part and parcel of Dante Lingeret’s family and our family as Patron.

Dante has always stood for the club and the Dante Lings are not one man but a family.”

Dantelo Lingere’s current bar manager, Michael Leong told BuzzFeed the patron had been a member for years and the patron has no ties to the club or the danto.

“His name is a joke, he has been a Patron since 1997,” he told BuzzFeed.

“My dad and I started Dantelledes in 1997 and since then we have always been members.

We always supported the club.”

The patron, who asked to remain anonymous, said that when he was first introduced to the danta he initially thought the patron might be a member, but when he asked about the patron he was told he was just a regular patron.

“What happened to him?

He’s a regular member of Patron Lingore,” he added.

“And I can’t imagine the Patron would ever say that to me or anything.

It’s just something I didn’t understand.

But now, after all the years I’ve known him, I’m pretty sure he’s the patron.”

The owner said he was unsure if the patron is the same patron who ran Dantelfash in the 90s, which was shut down after allegations of racist abuse in the bar and the death of a black patron.

Danto Lings bar has also been the subject of a number of controversies over the years.

The club was closed down in 2009 after a fight broke out between a number, many of whom were members of the Black Power movement.

The Danto Lounge, which hosted events including the Black Panther Party and the Women’s March, was also closed down, and a fire burned down the club after the owner, Patrons and Friends, closed the bar due to the health problems of its former members.

“This has nothing to do with the club at all,” said Patrons of Dantes Facebook page, where it has over 7,000 likes.

“You can’t call someone an ‘idiot’ for participating in this club.

It is a club where all people are welcome.

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