PSG and Barcelona on a collision course

A game that has been overshadowed by the European championship, and that is to say a game that is already being played, is about to be played.

And that is why the Spanish team is in for an upset.

The French club, who will be aiming for the last two spots in the Champions League, will be facing off against Barcelona in the second leg of the tie in Paris on Saturday.

The Spanish team, who are also looking for the knockout stages of the Champions and Europa League, have already made a name for themselves against their Spanish rivals, but will be looking to continue that form in front of a live audience in front an estimated 80,000.

The French team are looking for their first trophy since the Copa del Rey, but are already looking ahead to a second-leg tie in the city of Nice.

They will be hoping for a result against a side that has won two of their three matches against them.

Barcelona are looking to build on the three points that they secured in the final of the Europa League in the last round of the competition, but there is no denying the French team have shown plenty of promise, even with Neymar suspended for the first leg of their last-16 tie with CSKA Moscow.

Neymar is still playing in the competition but has missed out on this week’s match due to his thigh injury.

It is not the most impressive result, but PSG have the ability to do that, especially when the Brazilian is available.

Neymas is yet to score in four matches, but he has made a lot of positive contributions, especially in the defensive third, where he has helped defend in the midfield and help prevent Barcelona’s strikers from scoring.

He is a very dangerous player and he has scored goals for the Catalans too.

This match could be very important for Neymar and PSG, especially with Neymas still out of action, but it will also give the French side a chance to make an impact.

Barça will be without Neymar as well as Dani Alves, and they will have to rely on the likes of Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Dani Almeida and Sergio Busquets to get into the game.

Neyma is one of the key players for the Catalan side, but is not as well known in Spain.

Barcelona will also need to get rid of some players like Thiago Alcantara and Gerard Piqué to make the match more interesting for the French club.

Both teams have had a difficult couple of weeks, but the first game of this tie should be a real win for the players on both sides.

PSG will be happy to see their hopes of reaching the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League in front the Parisians, and Barcelona will be more than happy to get a result.

PSV Eindhoven 0 Barcelona 1, 5.45pm (BST)