Rochii dantel: Doctor’s letter to wife in hospital

Doctors who treat patients in Israel have written to their wives in a bid to get them to stay home.

Rochii din Dantela is a joint venture between Israel’s largest medical company and a local hospital.

The company says it is not interested in medical treatment or surgery for the sake of money.

The letter was written by Dr. Roni Dantel, the president of the hospital, on Friday.

It was sent to Dr. Dantella’s wife, Dr. Avram Dantels.

It is the second letter Dantell has written to his wife in two weeks.

Last week, Danteli said he was going to hospital for a second heart procedure and would not be able to return home until doctors found the right way to fix the heart valves.

He did not specify the exact procedure.

The doctor is the son of a prominent physician, and is a well-known figure in his community.

His wife is a doctor in the Israeli Medical Corps.

The hospital said it would not comment on the letter.