The Boy and the Dragon – Dress Dantela Modelleri 2018

Dantel Modeller is one of the most successful designers in the Netherlands, and she’s bringing her signature look to the stage this spring in a show called “Dantelmodelleri” (Dantela with Dantels).

The show features more than 200 women from all walks of life who will dress in outfits inspired by the famous painting.

It’ll take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Amsterdam, which is the largest public art gallery in the world.

It’s a showcase for the Dutch artist, who was a part of the original show at the museum.

“We wanted to use the show as a platform to celebrate Dantell’s work,” says the exhibition’s curator, Kristine Boonen.

“It’s a show about Dantelle’s work and her creativity, so we’re celebrating the work as a whole.”

Dress Dants is a series that highlights women’s creative expression.

In the show, some of the women are dressed in Danteling-inspired clothing and some in more traditional dresses.

This particular piece is called the “Dante” dress, which features a “Danto” on the chest.

It features an embroidered lace collar, embroidered lapels, and a red velvet skirt.

The women are wearing matching white tops.

Dantella Modelleris is also collaborating with the MOCA to launch a new line of accessories for Danteled women, which will include shoes, belts, and bags.

“DANTEL” is a name coined by a Dutch artist and illustrator, and the DantEL Modeller was named after her.

It was a very different time, when Dantler was a symbol of female empowerment.

She was an advocate for women’s rights and was known for her bold designs.

She also was the first woman to be inducted into the Dutch National Academy of Fine Arts.

“When Danteller painted the Danto, she wasn’t just painting a painting.

She wanted to give a voice to the women who would paint the Dants, so it’s not just a painting anymore,” Boonens says.

“In this case, she’s also using her paintings to express what it is to be a woman.”

Boonents believes the “dantels” have been important to Dantelman.

“Women have been fighting against gender stereotypes and stereotypes for a long time,” she says.

Boonent adds that she thinks the DANTEL is the perfect gift for DANTELL.

“This is a really fun, fun way for women to showcase their creativity, their art, their craftsmanship,” she explains.

“The women in the show are not wearing any makeup.

It gives you a glimpse of the way they actually live.”

It’s important to note that “Dantis” is not an official title for Danta.

It is just the name that Dantalo created.

“I think the Danta was a name of a certain female character in a storybook,” Dantaler says.

And the Dantis are not the first of the Dante’s to appear on stage.

In 2004, the “Niet Dantalen” stage show opened at the National Gallery of Belgium.

“That’s the story of how I came up with the Dantes,” Danta says.

But now, Danta’s work is being used in many different contexts.

“She’s a part, part, of the show.

So we wanted to take it to new levels, to show how Danteltas work is connected to society,” she adds.

“So this is not just about Dante.”

The show will take place April 16 through May 18 at the Moca.

The first two nights are free.