The most popular memes of 2018

DANTEL DASHER MILLER/AFP/Getty Images The most successful memes are those that are universally shared by the internet and not limited to a specific time or place, according to a new study.

The study, which analyzed more than 30 million Facebook posts between January 1 and December 31, found that nearly all of the top 10 memes are shared from the internet, but some are even more popular than that.

The most-shared meme was “Crazy” by rapper Macklemore, who has over 8.7 million Facebook followers.

“I like it so much because it says ‘I’m not racist.’,” Macklehems co-host and comedian Jimmy Fallon said in an interview.

Other popular memes include “Go Trump” by singer Taylor Swift and “The End of the World as We Know It” by political satirist and comedian Kathy Griffin.

But many of the most popular Facebook posts were by women who have publicly called for Trump’s impeachment.

The top 10 most popular posts on Facebook include: 1.

“Trump is a racist” 2.

“This is a terrible, terrible, awful election and we have to stop it” 3.

“You know what?

I like it.

It says ‘not racist’ on it” 4.

“Fucking Nazi” 5.

“Don’t fuck with me, Trump!”


“Hail Trump, hail our glorious future” 7.

“We’ll never win!”


“Racism is a disease” 9.

“White people need to get out” 10.

“Beware the white supremacist!”

The study found that the most shared memes have the most powerful messages because they are shared by people who are “extremely engaged in the discourse” about the election.

The research was conducted by researchers from the Media Research Center, a nonprofit group dedicated to monitoring the content and usage of the internet.

Facebook is currently embroiled in a controversy over the removal of the “no platform” option from its trending topics.

The company has faced scrutiny over its handling of the issue, with critics saying it failed to take action against the posts that were removed because they did not have a verified account.