The New York Times story that will haunt you forever

The New Yorker magazine has published an exclusive story about an unnamed woman who was sexually assaulted in New York City’s Times Square, where she worked as a freelance writer and social media personality.

The story, titled “Sexual Harassment,” details an incident in which a woman, who was also an author, was harassed by a co-worker.

The co-workers allegedly called her a “bitch” and a “pussy” and told her to “go f— herself.”

The woman told the magazine that the harassment didn’t stop until she left the company, and that she never spoke to anyone about the incident.

The woman, whose identity was not made public, says she filed a complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission, which investigated.

The commission determined that the woman’s harassment was not harassment in any sense of the word, and determined that it wasn’t a crime.

The New Republic’s David Carr, who covered the case extensively, wrote that the commission’s report “is a damning indictment of the industry’s culture.”

The New Yorkers are not the only victims of the harassment epidemic in the media.

In May, BuzzFeed published a story based on a survey of about 100 women who had experienced sexual harassment at the hands of their former employers, in which about half said that they’d felt unsafe working there.

A survey of more than 200 former employees of women’s magazines and newspapers conducted by the Women’s Media Center found that about 20 percent of them reported being sexually harassed by their former employees, according to the report.

BuzzFeed’s Rachel Weisberg, who has been an editor at The New Inquiry since 2014, says that it’s not hard to imagine the repercussions of the Times Square incident.

“The story of the woman who reported being raped by a former editor of The New World [sic] has the power to have a profound effect on the way women are expected to work in the industry,” Weisbings report said.

The Times Square story was the most-read story on The New Observer since the publication of Weiss report in November.

The report came on the heels of a New Yorker story about a woman who had been harassed by her boss for years after she moved to New York from Florida.

The female writer said that the coworker, who she referred to only as “B” for privacy reasons, had repeatedly sexually harassed her and that he had taken pictures of her naked body while she was in the restroom.

She said that he also allegedly used the “shame” word while discussing her career options.

“I was afraid I would be called a slut, and I would have to leave the industry.

It was humiliating,” the woman said in the report, which BuzzFeed published.

“This happened to me, and now it’s happening to other women in this industry.”