Watch: Dantel Istanbul Dresses – The Big Dance

The Dantels are a pretty big-name outfit in the UK and this week’s edition of The Big Dantella istanboul dress is a good look at the style they like to wear.

This dress was made by Dantela and is in a colourway similar to the Dantellas favourite dress, the Dants red one.

It features a slim waistline and an extra-long skirt, with a wide bodice that wraps around the back.

The dress comes in a black and red colourway, and is currently available for £150.

The dress is made by the Dents own studio and features a soft-touch lining and a high-quality fabric.

The Dantelleis are known for their distinctive designs and this look is definitely one to watch out for. 

The dress was designed by Dante Guede who also created the dress for the new Dantello gown.

Dante Guere is the owner of Dantelo, a fashion company based in London. 

He has been designing dress styles for the likes of Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, and Gisele Bundchen.