What to expect from India’s next Prime Minister

The BJP’s new Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, has said he has been asked by the government to address the country on the issue of “solar energy and other renewable sources of energy”.

In an interview with NDTV, Modi said he had been asked to give a keynote address on the topic at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris on Wednesday.

He said he would have to answer questions from the world about “the impact of climate change, the climate change crisis and the climate issue” during the address.

“The energy security of the country is one of the main reasons for this (the address),” Modi said, adding that the government would also address the issue “in the coming weeks”.

Modi said that the country had to be able to produce energy “without polluting the atmosphere”.

Moderators in New Delhi have raised the issue at every opportunity.

The Narendra Modi government has announced plans to bring in solar energy as part of a drive to address climate change and reduce CO2 emissions.

India has a population of nearly 10 billion, of which a quarter are poor and one in three is under 25.

The Modi government says the government plans to invest up to $5 trillion (2.5 trillion euros) to help reduce emissions of CO2 from power plants.

But critics of Modi say that will not go far enough to combat climate change.

Modi has also promised to clean up India’s polluted skies.

He has promised to ban the sale of coal, which accounts for about 30% of India’s power consumption.

He has also pledged to introduce “zero-emission vehicles” by 2020.