What to Expect from the New Dantel Modelleri Show on Monday and Tuesday

The Modelleris show will kick off Monday, October 9th at 8:00 PM ET with a live discussion of the Dantels latest television series, The Dantell Project.

This show will cover topics such as the DANTEL Modellerini (Dantel Modeling & Design) program, the Dants most recent television series and the newest Danteling products.

This will be followed by a Q&A session with Dantela Modellerani, the current President of the company, and a special Q&A featuring a panel of Danteller customers.

This live studio show will be moderated by the Danto Modellerin’s new President, John Pritchard.

The DANTELS newest television series is now available to stream on Hulu!

The Dantes newest TV series, “The Dantler,” is currently airing on AMC and is available to watch on Hulu.

Danteled’s latest TV series is also available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. 

The Dants newest television show is available on Amazon for $15.95.

The show is also being streamed on Hulu on October 9, 2018, with a 4-episode season.

DANTELL MODELING & DESIGN PROGRAMDANTEL MODELERI (DANTELS MODELERS PRODUCER) is a nonprofit corporation that produces the most beautiful and affordable apparel in the world.

The Modellers Project is the most prestigious program of its kind in the country, and DANTEEL MODELS PRODUCE offers the highest quality, value and value-for-money apparel at the highest standards.

Dants products are the hottest, most fashionable and most desirable in the industry.

The program includes the most iconic fashion labels, including: Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs Giorgio Armani, Marc Anthony, Dior, Valentino, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Marc Benioff, Calvin Alexander, Ralph Gilligan, John Alexander, Christian Dior and more. 


is a privately held corporation that is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of fashion and consumer apparel.

Danteels brand apparel, accessories, and accessories products are available for sale and for trade.

Dantoels products are also sold to retailers across the United States. 

THE DANTENA MODEL SHOW will be live streamed on Hulu at 8 PM ET/4 PM PT Monday and 8:00PM ET/3:00AM PT Tuesday. 

(Click here to watch the live stream on YouTube.com/Hulu) (Video courtesy of DANTES TV Show (Hulu))