When a woman says her partner is not a rapist

dantel englezza – DANTEL article Engleza is the name of a young girl who lives with her mother in the village of Dantel.

She is about five years old and is very brave.

Her mother says that Englezza is always on her guard.

Engleiza was raped by her mother’s husband in September.

The case is not as simple as a simple act of negligence.

According to Englezi’s mother, the accused husband had forced Englezzas hands, which she had resisted.

He was in prison, and the police did not intervene.

The accused man was arrested.

The police charged him with aggravated rape.

The trial started in the district court.

The defence attorney argued that the accused was drunk, and his behaviour was normal.

However, he was given a three-year jail term.

He has since been released.

The court also sentenced the accused to three months’ probation, which was later reduced to a one-month term.

The prosecutor appealed against the sentence.

Engles mother is now calling on the police to send a police officer to the house of the accused.

In a previous case, she had to file a complaint with the police after her daughter’s mother allegedly raped her, then beat her with a stick.

The woman had lodged the complaint in the local police station.

A week ago, a woman in Dantela reported that her daughter had been raped by the husband of her brother.

The local police investigated the case, and found out that the husband had also raped his wife.

According a local official, the husband’s wife was later arrested for rape.

A case was registered at the district level, and a case was filed against the husband.

The husband is in custody, and has been given a five-year prison term.

A local court also arrested the wife.

The family lawyer said that the police had ignored the complaint and acted against the accused wife.

It was also alleged that the woman’s sister had also been raped.

In another case, the police arrested the husband after a woman said that she had been forced into sex by the accused after the couple had a child together.

The wife of the man has since also been arrested for the same crime.

The man has been released on bail.

Engla is now living with her family.

Engleza’s mother says the police have treated her daughter as a victim and the family is looking for her.

Englemesa says that she wants to raise awareness about the sexual violence against women in DANTELS village.

The young girl’s mother is not willing to speak on the record, saying that she will not allow the matter to go to the court.

She also said that her young daughter does not understand why the police is targeting her.

She has been left with no other choice but to file the case herself.

In the meantime, Englezas mother has not heard from her daughter since her husband was arrested in August.

She hopes that the case will be heard by a judge soon.