When will you get back to fighting arts?

Dantel Inc. is facing a barrage of negative comments on social media for a promotional video which portrays an older female model in a boxing ring.

The clip, which features a woman in her 80s in a cage, is being used to promote the new Fighting Arts Series, which is currently running in the city.

However, some critics have accused Dantels marketing department of perpetuating stereotypes.

Dantel spokesperson, Rajeev Singh, told The Hindu that the video is being made as an educational tool for women and girls to improve their fighting skills.

He said the company has been “working hard” to remove stereotypes, but the backlash has been negative.

The video features a young woman in a grey dress, sitting at a desk with her hands on her knees.

The model wears an afro, a wig and a red jacket.

She’s seen in the clip wearing an earrings and holding a bag of snacks.

The younger woman is seen standing with her back to the camera.

The camera pans back and forth, pausing to show her chin.

She smiles, while she’s wearing a blue top and jeans.

Another clip features a black-and-white woman, who is shown standing in a corner.

The younger woman appears to be watching a boxing match.

The older woman, in her 70s, is holding a small bag.

The footage has been viewed more than 20,000 times.

On Facebook, Dantela said, “The reason for the negative reactions is that we are promoting our Fighting Arts series with our latest video.

There is nothing wrong with promoting different styles and styles of boxing.

However, we would like to explain that the clip was filmed in a promotional context, in an educational context, for the students to get a better understanding of how fighting arts training can improve their boxing skills.”

Dantels spokesperson said they were “working on changing the way the clip is shown in future promotional campaigns”.

The company is yet to respond to The Hindu’s request for comment.