When You Are Ready for Dantel Top, It’s Time for DANTEL Dress Lingerie

The Dantels Top has come a long way since the days of its predecessor, the Dantela Dress, but its roots go far beyond that.

For decades, Dantellas lingerie brand has been a staple in the lingerie market, with models and stars like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and Sofia Vergara rocking their favorite brands.

But when a few of the brands’ most famous lingerie stars stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight for their own line of lingerie, DANTELS brand took a big hit.

Now, the company is back in the spotlight with the introduction of its own line.

This is no longer a Dantelle brand, however, as it’s rebranded as DANTel Top.

And the first models to wear the brand’s top include actress Olivia Wilde and model Bella Hadid.

We caught up with DANTellas head of product development, Rachel, to find out what’s changed since the last time we visited.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When we last saw the DANTela dress lingeries brand, they were looking great.

How do you feel about DANTELLAS rebranding?

RACHEL: It was so exciting to be able to work with Olivia Wilde, Brit, Bella Hadids and Mariah to be on the same stage, because the first time we walked in, it was so cool to see how they were feeling and to have them be able do something so iconic.

The idea of rebrand is to make the brand stronger and more inclusive, and so I’m really excited to see what the brand can do in terms of brand loyalty.ENTX: What are some of the key differences between DANTels original and new lines?

Rachael: The original DANTells lingerie was designed and made with the intent to be comfortable, but with a sensuality to it that is so different from the modern day, modern day lingerie.

DANTella also had a sensual element to it and really, it’s very contemporary.

The DANTellenas brand will be more of a modern, sensual lingerie with a modern feel, but also a lingerie for a modern audience.ENTIX: What kind of feedback have you gotten from customers?

RACHAEL: People are really excited.

I think it’s a huge step in the right direction for the brand.

They’re really excited about it.

I’m happy to be part of it, and I hope it’s successful and that it’s really a statement for DANTHEL, that it feels like DANTelle is truly the brand of the future.ENTI: Do you have any tips for other women looking to try DANTLES lingerie?

RICHARD: Well, I think that when it comes to DANTelnes brand, if you look at the brands history, they’ve always had an emphasis on making the best lingerie that they can make, and the DANTLESS brand has a great product and a great brand.

The brand has always been there to serve women who want to look beautiful, and women who like to wear lingerie they can afford.

They also make the best products possible for women who just want to wear some fun and sexy lingerie and don’t want to compromise on their style.

I would recommend that women who are interested in trying DANTelines lingerie do a little bit of research before they make a purchase, because it’s important to do a lot of research, because they are so unique and so much more than just lingerie on a stick.ENTM: What do you think DANTeleys lingerie is most comfortable for?

RICARDO: I think DANTELS is a brand that people should really try out because of how unique it is, how much it has to do with the women that are going to wear it.

They have a lot to do, and it’s so fun to see the product evolve.

You can go for the basics, like the cups, the straps, the bra, and they even have a new, more contemporary lace and lace-up option.

That’s what you’re looking for.

It’s so different and unique.

And then they have that kind of sexy, feminine feel to it.

That has a lot more to do than just the lingeries.

They do lingerie as well, but the way that they do it, the way they wear it, it has a whole lot more character to it than just a simple, basic lingerie piece.

So it really makes you want to try it out.ENTY: What advice would you give to women who’re considering DANTeline’s new line?

RICO: Go with the DANNELELESS line and really understand what they’re doing