When you’re not using Google, you’re probably using its search engine

Google is looking to move away from its search business and into the social media space.

This news comes as part of a series of new announcements for the company.

Google has announced plans to start a new social media company called the “Google News Network” to support Google News search results.

The new company will be a subsidiary of Google, which has already acquired a number of other social media companies.

The company will focus on “building, investing and monetizing a new generation of media content,” the company said in a press release.

Google’s social media division has grown in recent years to include the “Facebook News Network,” which has been described as Google’s attempt to “bring news to a new audience” with the intention of making it easier for users to find and share news.

However, Google has also said that the new company won’t be a competitor to Facebook or other social networks, as the company believes it will “build a better social news network for Google.”

The new Google News Network will be launched with the aim of making search results “more personalized, relevant, and useful,” the release stated.

Google is also introducing a new “Search Engines” feature that will allow users to “search for the content of your Google News feed.”

The company is also launching a new service called “Google Search” that will let users “search Google for the topics they care about,” the press release stated, “while at the same time creating a search experience that will deliver relevant results tailored to their interests.”