Which Dantel engagement ring is the best?

With a new season of the hit Netflix series, the Dantels are back!

We have some answers!

Read More about Dantela:The Dantellas have been in business since 1998, but they have never been able to hold on to a permanent home.

It was all thanks to Dantella, which was founded by the Dontas parents in 2006.

When the Dandas decided to go it alone in 2006, they started selling their jewelry online.

Donta’s first company, the “Dantel” company, sold jewelry to consumers, but the Dannas decided the company needed a little more exposure.

So they bought the company and they began to grow the business.

The Dandels eventually expanded to over 1,500 stores, and now it is in 20 countries.

The Dandles have expanded the business in the past by offering more jewelry, including dantel rings.

Dantello rings are usually made from sterling silver or platinum.

They have been popular with men since the early 90s.

In 2018, Dontapart was sold to New York-based jewelry chain, D&T.

The company now makes its own jewelry and will sell it online starting in 2018.

The jewelry store will also continue to offer Dantelle rings.

Dontaparts jewelry is still available online, but Dantelli rings are sold exclusively through Dantelman.

Dantella rings are made with sterling silver, and they are typically the most sought after ring for men.

The first dantella ring was created in the 1960s and has been a staple for men for decades.

The rings are now popular with women because they are a more subtle version of the dantello ring.