Which is better: a white T-shirt or a pink T-bag?

The Washington D.C. area has been one of the hottest places in the country for shopping.

So, when a local grocery store opened in an abandoned warehouse last week, shoppers quickly started clamoring for something to wear, even though it wasn’t a T-Shirt.

“People started coming up and asking for these shirts,” said Liza Mireles, one of three employees at the T-bags store.

“We just felt like it would be a fun way to wear our summer colors.”

Mireles and her co-workers, who had been working there for three months, decided to make their own shirts for the shop.

The first two were white T shirts.

The last one was pink.

They were meant to go with their clothes and not a trend.

Mirels was thrilled to see that people were willing to buy the T’s that had a pink or white pattern on them.

“We were like, ‘Oh my god, people are buying pink shirts,'” she said.

“I was just like, this is going to be so awesome!”

So, she and her colleagues decided to come up with a color for the pink shirts that people would be excited to buy.

“I was like, why not go pink?

Why not do this with the pink?

What color would be fun?

What would be cool?

What can people wear?”

Mirelses said she and the others had a brainstorming session where they thought about the different colors of T-shirts, and decided to do something new: a pink shirt that was bright enough to be pink but still a little pink.

The idea was to combine the pink and pink in a simple way.

“What if you had pink on a T and it was just a little bit of a pink?” she said, laughing.

“What if there was a little hint of pink in there?”

So the team had a bunch of pink T’s cut into a bunch that they could use for the shirts.

Mirelis explained that the pink T was the base color, and the pink bag was the color underneath.

The pink T went on top of the pink Bag and then the pink was just the tip of the hat.

The team started to play around with the idea and came up with what they were calling “Pink Pants.”

They were the same size as a T shirt, but the pink pants were wider and had a little more fabric.

The pink bag also had a slight pink effect on it, so they were going to try to make the pink of the shirt as similar to the pink as possible.

The group went to a store and bought a bunch.

Merels said she thought the pink Pants were the best idea to use because it would not look too distracting.

She said the group was excited to wear them in front of people and they were so popular.

“It was like an overnight success,” she said of the Pink Pants.

The store has been running since March and is currently serving up orders to the general public.

The team has also started selling the Pink Panties to other stores, including a grocery store in Seattle.