Why are Brazilian fighters getting punched in the face with gloves?

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Antik Dantel has a new nickname.

He was recently attacked by an opponent in a grappling match in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which the fighter says was provoked by his partner’s gloves.

“They were trying to beat up the opponent with the gloves because he was wearing them,” Dantelo told CNN Brazil.

“The gloves that the person was wearing were gloves that were in a state of disrepair,” he added.

“I’ve had my hands badly injured.”

The attack is a new occurrence for the Brazilian ju-jits.

In 2012, Dantela was hit in the head by a punch to the face, causing a concussion that has affected his life.

The man who struck him was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence.

In 2017, the Brazilian Olympic team was forced to take a hiatus due to injuries sustained during an Olympics training camp in Rio de Janeiro.

The injuries were severe enough to require surgery to repair the orbital bone in Dantello’s right eye, as well as damage to his nose.

His trainer and friend Antonio Nascimento says Dantels injury was caused by the boxer’s partner.

“Dantel had his head hit by a blow with the headgear, and the injury is caused by his teammate’s gloves,” Nascimentalo said.

“He was in the corner, but his partner got into the ring.”

The incident prompted the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association to launch an investigation into the incident, which prompted Dantella to file a police report.

“I think it was very unfortunate that this happened, because it’s the way to train, to fight and to be the best,” he said.

Dantelo has said that he will not allow the incident to be a factor in his next fight.