Why do some women have larger boobs than others?

Dantel Etek is an actress who plays Dantela Dama in the television show Bustiere Dama, which premiered in 2018.

She is one of several female stars who have large breasts, the New York Daily News reported.

Dantelo Dama has a large belly, but it is not as big as the average woman’s.

Bustiere dama is a French television show about a women’s empowerment movement that started in the 1960s and became popular in the early 1990s.

She plays a model who was an inspiration for the series.

The show was later adapted into a film starring Dantella Dama.

Bustoire dama, a show about female empowerment, started in 1960.

(AP Photo/France24, Sylvie Gagnon) “It’s not a real problem that they have large boobs, because it’s not because of hormones.

I think that’s a big misunderstanding,” Dantello Etek said, according to the Daily News.

Bustier Dama is not the only woman in France with large breasts.

In the United States, American actress Dina Meyer is famous for her large breasts and has been dubbed the “Miss Cleo.”

In Italy, Italian actress Francesca Della Monteva Rosa has larger breasts than most other actresses, the Associated Press reported.

And in France, actress Erika Delle Chiavarella, who plays Paris in the French TV series Les Miserables, has large breasts that are similar to those of Dantelia Dama and others.