Why I’m not buying the French company’s ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ business

A recent French business development project in the Mediterranean region that aims to help farmers make money from agriculture and water has failed miserably.

The company, which called itself the ‘Sustainability Industry for the Mediterranean Sea’, has been trying to establish itself in the region with its ‘Satellite Farm’ project.

The project is part of a series of initiatives by the company to build a sustainable business model.

However, the satellite farm has not made it into the public eye in France.

And the company has been hit with legal actions from environmentalists and farmers.

I am in France now to take stock of what’s happened and what’s happening in the field.

The project was supposed to be implemented in 2016 and is now slated to begin in 2019.

The plan was to build four farms at the end of the year in the north of France.

However, the French government ordered the projects stopped when it discovered the satellite farms were being built with a ‘very high’ environmental impact.

The French government also said it was considering a ban on any commercial development of the project, a ban that is likely to be challenged in court.

The satellite farms would be located in an area of the Mediterranean known as the Mediterranean coast.

A major waterway in the area, the Mediterranean, is the main source of water for millions of people in France, including many in rural areas.

French officials said the project was meant to benefit local communities, especially those living in rural villages.

It is also supposed to help improve water quality in the regions it is located.

However , according to the French environmental agency, the project has been a disaster.

It is a project that will result in a major environmental disaster in France and the Mediterranean area, which is the second most important river in the world, after the Nile, said Liora Benkler, the head of the environmental protection agency for the country.

The projects project was started with the aim of improving the environment, and was a part of the French initiative to build sustainable agricultural communities in the country, said Benklers department for environment and climate change, in a statement.

According to the statement, the projects aim to:improve water quality, reduce the use of pesticides, reduce soil erosion, improve soil fertility and improve agricultural productivity.

The ‘Satellites Farm’ in the North of France has been accused of being a ‘pollution project’, and environmentalists have called for its removal from the landscape.

The land, which was leased to the company for around €5 million, was given to the community by the local municipality for a total of €500,000, according to local newspaper Le Parisien.

The government had approved the project in August 2016, but it was halted after the French Environment Agency ruled it did not comply with the country’s strict environmental regulations.

The agency said that it has been unable to locate the land in the past and has also had difficulties in accessing the land due to an ‘extremely high’ ecological impact.