Why is a giant dantel mask wearing a woman’s face illegal?

Posted by ABC News Queensland on Monday, April 29, 2019 07:39:57 A giant dandelion mask is now illegal in Queensland for the first time, after a woman wearing a dantella dress took offence to the idea of the symbol.

The mask, made by a company called Colier, was part of a contest, held by a group of women from the Greater Brisbane Area to win a pair of $500 masks for the family.

“I’m a dandelorian, I don’t mind,” said Victoria.

“This mask is very disrespectful and inappropriate.”

Victoria said she would wear it in the future.

“It’s just about respecting the people that come to the event,” she said.

“If it’s for them to dress up, that’s fine, I guess.

But if they want to dress it up, they can wear whatever they want.”

But the head of the Queensland Council of Social Services said the law should be reviewed.

“The mask has been worn by many women in public places and it’s been deemed appropriate,” Dr David Anderson said.

“I don’t think it should be worn by a young person, particularly a young woman who is wearing the mask.”

“There’s also the fact that we know from previous years that young people have been affected by this mask.”

The mask is part of the Colier Dantel Costume contest, which is organised by a local organisation called the Greater Queensland Area.

In an online statement, Colier said it had been a big hit with the female participants and it had donated $500 for the Greater B.C. area to support its cause.

There is no doubt the costume is a popular and well-received alternative to the traditional dandelions and has become an icon for this area,” the statement said.