Woman who wore white dantels dress to her wedding to the ‘white dandy’ has a new home

By Laura Lohman-McKenzie and Nicky HagerstromPublished September 15, 2018 11:50:01A new home is finally set for a woman who wore a white dandy dress at her wedding in England to the fictional white danny in the movie White Christmas, with the bride and groom saying the wedding had been a joy.

The wedding of Michelle O’Neill, a marketing and public relations student, and her husband Patrick, a teacher, took place in Stroud, Oxfordshire, on Saturday.

The couple had planned to go to a local restaurant for their traditional dinner on the evening before their wedding, but it turned into a social gathering.

The bride wore a red dandy suit, and the groom wore a brown one.

Both wore black-and-white danteys as their dress accessories.

After the ceremony, Michelle, 22, said: “I just thought: I’m going to wear this on the first day of my wedding, and then the wedding, so it will look different for my kids and friends.”

Patrick, who was married three years earlier, wore a green dandy with white stripes.

After their ceremony, the couple said: “”I don’t know what I’m thinking, it’s so beautiful.

I’m so happy.

“In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Michelle said she was surprised to be asked to wear the dantelle.”

We’ve just been in shock, I’m just so happy,” she said.”

I think it’s really great.

“The dress is very traditional, and I think people really do take that very seriously.”

Patrick said his wife’s decision was a good one.

“She’s been asked to dress up, and she’s done it in the style that we’ve all grown up with, so she can take it on,” he said.

Michelle and Patrick were married in 2013 and Michelle said the wedding was a “great moment”.

“The wedding is a very big thing for me, so when I’m able to share that with my husband and my family, it makes me feel really happy,” he added.

The two had been expecting a baby in April, and had hoped for a traditional, long-term relationship.

Patrick said he was proud of his wife, who had been looking forward to the wedding.

“It was a very special wedding, because she wanted to do it the way she had always wanted to,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“So it was a really special moment, and it’s been a great couple of years.”